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Electronic percussive free background pop music. Best for content related to presentation, typography, travel, fashion, technology, urban culture, commercials and teens. You can hear percussion, drums, sound effects and synths.

This track is designed to help create a positive atmosphere, so listeners can focus on the presentation content. The music is instrumental, so it can be used with any presentation with voice over. It includes all the necessary inspiring mood to make your event memorable. Music is an important aspect of any advertising campaign. It has the power to either make or break a product. The right song can help a listener to feel a sense of urgency, a sense of longing, or a sense of inspiration. This music features a variety of beats and rhythms that will be sure to keep your listeners engaged. The mix of upbeat electronic percussive melodies with pop melodies creates a great atmosphere for dancing. It’s perfect for people who want to shake off the stress of the day and just let loose.

This song is created for free unlimited usage on social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. With your convenience in mind almost all compositions included different edit versions. Streaming platforms links gives access to listen and save tracks to your playlists. Please notice some restrictions about monetization here: Terms Of Use or F.A.Q.

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