Top Videos Featuring My Music In November 2023

Top Videos Featuring My Music In November 2023

Hey! I started new series of posts on my site, where I will shows videos featured my music. Because I`m really appreciated when you take my music and use it in your creations. I want to give it a light. I want to enjoy it with all of you.

  1. As I understand it is travel to Himalaya. There is used my tracks “India Drums”. Beautiful natural scenery. Video by Greenhorn Preamble

2. Video of harvesting on a countryside. Music track – “Countryside”. Video by Adrian Scripps LTD

3. This dentist business is shows new technology updates, they added new CNC machine to their production. Well done, Osteotech – Where Technology and Dentistry Meet! Music – “Technology Corporate”

4. Charity Fond Wągrowiec makes Charity Jog – for Zosia. The participants received commemorative medals, hot coffee, a warm meal, great music and fun. Music – “Uplifting Pop”. Video by RSTF

5. All you love cats as I am, do you? There is some cute video with kitties by Cool Cats. Music – “Funny Moments”.

Here some free background music for your videos: