Hip Hop

Hip Hop

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Name: Hip Hop

Urban jazzy Hip Hop music theme with vocal cuts and scratches. Perfect for urban style ads, vlog intros, travel agency promos, photo collages.

Tempo (BPM): 100

Hip Hop – A Modern Urban Symphony

Hip hop, since its inception, has been more than just a genre of music; it’s a culture, a movement, and a form of expression that has resonated through the decades, adapting and evolving with each new wave of artists and fans. The track “Hip Hop,” characterized by its jazzy undertones blended with traditional hip hop elements like vocal cuts and scratches, encapsulates this evolution. It stands as a testament to the genre’s versatility and its ability to influence and be influenced by other musical styles.

Crafting the Beat

With a steady tempo of 100 BPM, “Hip Hop” offers a rhythm that is both energetic and soothing. The use of Boom Bap elements provides a nostalgic return to the roots of hip hop, where the beat was everything and the rhythm was king. This foundational beat sets the stage for a rich layering of sounds, each adding its own texture and color to the track.

The integration of jazzy melodies brings a smooth, sophisticated vibe that contrasts with the raw, gritty essence of traditional hip hop. This blend appeals not only to hardcore hip hop enthusiasts but also to those who appreciate the nuances of jazz music. It’s this fusion that makes the track perfect for various applications—from urban style advertisements that need a touch of coolness to travel vlogs that want to add a layer of laid-back sophistication.

Urban Applications

The track’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of media applications. Its urban feel and upbeat energy make it perfect for car commercials, where the sleek and modern beats can complement the aesthetic of high-speed, stylish vehicles. Fashion promos can also benefit from the track’s hip and trendy sound, enhancing visuals that showcase the latest urban wear.

Moreover, the emotional undertone of the music makes it suitable for background scores in documentaries or features that explore city life, youth culture, or artistic expressions within urban environments. The scratches and vocal cuts can punctuate moments in the narrative, adding a punch of personality and authenticity.

Emotional and Energetic

While primarily energetic, there’s an emotional layer to “Hip Hop” that shouldn’t be overlooked. This emotion is conveyed through the careful interplay of instrumental rhythms and melodic flows, creating a backdrop that can evoke a range of feelings from nostalgia to excitement, from contemplation to joy. This emotional range makes the track suitable for more than just commercials and promos; it can enhance any project that aims to connect on a deeper level with its audience.


“Hip Hop” is not just a track; it’s an experience, a journey through sound that offers both a nod to the past and a look to the future of urban music. Whether it’s used in a vlog intro, a travel promo, or simply as a standalone listening experience, it captures the essence of hip hop while embracing the innovation of modern music production.

For creators looking for a sound that is both classic and contemporary, “Hip Hop” delivers. It’s a piece that doesn’t just fill a silence; it enhances, it elevates, and it energizes. Embrace the beat, feel the rhythm, and let “Hip Hop” take your project to the next level.


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