Relax Fashion

Relax Fashion

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Name: Relax Fashion
BPM: 117

Relax Fashion is an elegant pop music track that fuses the essence of deep house with stylish vocal chops to create a serene and fashionable atmosphere. The blend of calm synthesizers, live guitars, and sophisticated percussion forms a sonic landscape that is both relaxing and modern. This track is an excellent choice for a range of video projects that focus on art, technology, lifestyle, fashion, and design.

Production Elements

Relax Fashion features a rich tapestry of musical elements that work in harmony to produce a unique auditory experience. The track opens with a smooth, calming intro, led by ethereal synths that set a laid-back tone. As the track progresses, stylish percussion elements introduce a gentle groove that maintains a chill vibe without overpowering the listener. The use of live guitars adds a layer of organic texture, bringing a warmth and authenticity that enriches the track.

The vocal chops are a standout feature of Relax Fashion. These are not just any vocal elements; they are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with the deep house style, providing a modern and chic feel. The vocals are processed with a light, airy effect, making them an integral part of the track’s relaxing and stylish atmosphere.

Suitable for Multiple Uses

This track is incredibly versatile and suitable for various multimedia projects. Whether you’re creating content for a fashion show, a spa relaxation video, a luxury brand presentation, or simply need a stylish background music for a technology or lifestyle vlog, Relax Fashion delivers the right vibe. Its smooth and elegant sound makes it an excellent choice for upscale and modern advertising campaigns as well.

Technical Specifications

With a BPM of 117, Relax Fashion maintains a moderate pace that is energetic enough to keep the audience engaged but relaxed enough to not distract from the visual content it accompanies. This tempo makes it perfect for both upbeat and serene settings, adaptable to the energy level required by the project.

Audience Appeal

The sophisticated blend of R&B, soul, and funk influences makes this track appealing to a wide audience. Its universal appeal lies in its ability to convey a sense of luxury and relaxation simultaneously. Listeners can enjoy it as part of their personal relaxation playlist, or businesses can use it to enhance the ambiance of their spaces, be it in fashion outlets, lounges, or during presentations.


Relax Fashion is more than just background music; it is an integral part of any project that aims to convey a sense of style, luxury, and calmness. Its unique blend of musical elements makes it a standout choice for numerous applications, resonating with a wide audience and elevating any project it accompanies.


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Relax Fashion is not just a track but a statement of style and serenity, perfect for enhancing any creative project with its soothing yet upbeat tones. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a content creator, or a marketer, this track is sure to add that extra touch of class and relaxation to your endeavors.

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