Nissan Rogue Close Door

Nissan Rogue Close Door

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Name: Nissan Rogue Close Door

A sound effect capturing the distinctive sound of a Nissan Rogue’s door being closed, characterized by a solid, crisp, and secure closing noise.


The “Nissan Rogue Close Door” sound effect is a meticulously recorded audio clip that captures the precise and familiar sound of a Nissan Rogue’s door being closed. This sound is characterized by its solid, crisp, and secure closing noise, making it an ideal addition to any audio project that requires authentic vehicle sounds. The recording features a high level of detail, ensuring that the nuances of the door’s mechanism and the quality of the engineering are perfectly preserved.

When you listen to this sound effect, you’ll notice the distinct elements that make it unique. The initial contact of the door with the frame produces a slight, metallic click, followed by a deeper, more resonant thud as the door is fully secured. This combination of sounds creates a sense of reliability and precision, reflecting the high standards of automotive engineering that Nissan is known for. The recording also captures the subtle reverberations that occur within the vehicle’s interior, adding an extra layer of realism to the sound effect.


The “Nissan Rogue Close Door” sound effect can be used in a variety of contexts. Filmmakers and video producers will find it invaluable for scenes involving vehicles, providing an authentic auditory experience that enhances the visual action on screen. Whether it’s a dramatic moment in a film where a character closes the car door with determination or a casual scene in a commercial, this sound effect adds depth and realism.

Game developers can also benefit from incorporating this sound into their projects. For driving or simulation games that feature the Nissan Rogue or similar vehicles, having a genuine door closing sound can significantly enhance the player’s immersion. The crisp and secure noise adds a layer of authenticity, making the virtual environment feel more tangible and believable.

Podcasters and radio producers might use this sound effect to create vivid soundscapes in their storytelling. It can serve as a background element in audio dramas or as a transition sound in talk shows that discuss automotive topics. The precision and quality of the recording ensure that it will blend seamlessly with other audio elements, maintaining a high production standard.


To cater to different project needs, several variations of the “Nissan Rogue Close Door” sound effect are available:

  1. Interior Close – This variation captures the sound from inside the vehicle, emphasizing the muted, cushioned thud of the door closing.
  2. Exterior Close – Recorded from outside the vehicle, this version highlights the metallic click and solid thud, providing a more robust and pronounced sound.
  3. Slow Close – A slower, more deliberate closing of the door, capturing the intricate mechanical noises and the gradual securing of the latch.
  4. Quick Close – A brisk, swift closure that emphasizes the efficiency and ease with which the door can be shut.

Each variation has been carefully recorded to ensure that all aspects of the sound are captured with high fidelity. The different versions allow users to select the most appropriate sound for their specific needs, whether they require a more subtle interior noise or a bold exterior thud.


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The “Nissan Rogue Close Door” sound effect is a versatile and high-quality audio recording that brings the authentic sound of a vehicle door closing to your projects. Its crisp and secure noise is perfect for enhancing realism in films, games, podcasts, and other media. With multiple variations available, this sound effect can be tailored to fit a range of scenarios, ensuring that you have the perfect sound for your needs. Whether you are creating a high-intensity car chase scene or a simple day-to-day interaction, the “Nissan Rogue Close Door” sound effect provides the detail and precision necessary to elevate your production.

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